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Sunday, 3 September 2017

I think we can all agree that long haul flights wreak havoc on our skin. I mostly experience dull skin that can feel really dry and on the very worst occasions a spot will miraculously appear over the course of the flight. Even though it is very difficult to prevent these things from happening, there are definitely a few products that can make you feel a little more human prior to landing.


I pretty much never get on a long haul flight without a spray toner. It is literally the most refreshing thing to do when your face is feeling tight as hell and in need of a little moisture. I love using a rose toner or the Liz Earle one, as they smell divine and instantly make me feel a little relaxed. 

A herbal roll on 

I am not the biggest fan of flying, so having a stress relieving roll on makes it just that little bit easier. I bought a lavender one when I was in Sri Lanka, but Neal's Yard have a fantastic range.

Already a staple for my blemish prone skin, but a product which is even more vital when trying to prevent those pesky spots from appearing mid-flight.

Lip Balm

Just like our skin, our lips get dry over the coarse of a flight and need a little nourishment so I always pack a lip balm. Burt's Bee's is a long time fave.

Micellar Water 

I Just discovered this and I am addicted. It is perfect for cleansing your face when you have no running water. Plus, Garnier do a mini version which is ideal for travelling.


Just because its always nice to freshen up before hitting up your next destination! 

Under-eye concealer 

To be honest, most of the time I look like a zombie on long haul flights as they are usually at unsociable hours. Plus, my inability to sleep on flights means under eye-concealer is essential in order for me to look half decent (probably not even) when getting off the plane! 

Thank you do much for reading this post, I would love to know your favourite in-flight beauty essentials too!

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Much love,
Lizzie xx

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